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HealthiStraw is commited to provide you with the most clean, consistent, and convenient 100% plant-based wheat straw solutions that are beneficial for you, your animals, your garden and the world you live in.



Easy to Breathe
Highly Absorbent
Comfortable and Soft
Horses will lie down more to rest
Ideal for High Performance Horses, Foaling, in Trailers, and for Horses with Respiratory Issues



Fluffy and Soft
Easy Picking and Removal
Ideal for Homesteading and Small Pets
Composts up to 4x Faster Than Wood Chips
Available in 2 Shred Lengths: Fine & Coarse



Controls Weeds
Conserves Water
Clean and Easy to Use
Keeps soil cool and moist
Ideal for Gardens, Raised Beds and Containers
Available in 2 sizes and a Certified Organic option


Katie Unger

Katie shares about her homesteading journey and what she loves about raising animals.

Lizzy Knight

Hear how EquineStraw has helped Lizzy and her horses chase their Eventing dreams.

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Here is also a case study that compares performance of EquineStraw against bagged and bulk shavings

Link to Case Study

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